F&N Clearly Citrus "Street Jam"

Client: Fraser & Neave Holdings
Agency: Bates 141 Malaysia
MFX Director: Wayne Ho Chun How

'Fikir Fresh' (literally, 'Think Fresh') was the idea behind introducing F&N's new citrus drink in this refreshing spot. Set in an outdoor concert, our protagonist decides to liven up the boring event.He charges up the situation with Citrus freshness, which manifests in the form of a breakdancing liquid character, further spreading the lemon and lime goodness to the crowd.

The main communication of the spot was to depict the spreading of Citrus freshness with a new perspective. Visually, the colors and textures of the Citrus fruits were much more important, as opposed to the liquid simulation of the liquid character. Technically crafting these layers of elements involved a learning curve, in order to achieve the bright water splash. Each of the shots were painstakingly lit and layers were married together tediously, as all the colors were to be depicted as fresh as one could imagine.