Amul Macho "Mannequin"

Client: Amul Macho (Innerwear)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai
Director: Vijay Sawant
MFX Director: Buddy Zulueta, Chan Moon Choong

Inspired by 'X-Factor', this spot sees a mannequin auditioning for a talent show, to the surprise of three judges headed by Saif Ali Khan. The mannequin's Amul Mucho underwear changes in succession with the beat, displaying the product's range of styles. The client wanted something unimaginable, that added to its entertainment value, thus making it viral.

The challenge was making the mannequin believable and blend-in with the live-action environment. The dance was carefully choreographed with natural movements and some exaggerated animation to achieve borderline realism. During post, the biggest hurdle was balancing all the different lights criss-crossing, flaring, reflecting and bouncing off the mannequin on stage. The background graphics, CG auditiorium and lights, plus the crowded audience multiplied in post, all contributed to making this a convincing and entertaining piece.