Energizer "Table Tennis"

Client: Energizer
Agency: TBWA Singapore, Six Toes Singapore
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Buddy Zulueta, Lau Kim San

It was a great opportunity to get a chance to animate the internationally famous Energizer mascot.
Brad Hogarth of Luminous Ink directed the live action of the table tennis competition in a stadium. Its opening shots were an engaging build- up before revealing the mascot.
The restrictions given to the animation resulted in a humanized Energizer. Here he does things within the bounds of possibility. He seems an actual presence in the live action event.
It was challenging to integrate the CGI mascot into the live environment, not only visually but more importantly as character.
This character already had several interpretations from other countries with as much varied physical modifications. We had to come up with a version that embodies the basic character people have known through the years.