Mdec "Domorelings"

Client: Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia
Agency: Naga DDB
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Lau Kim San

This commercial for MDEC was part of an initiative to encourage the use of new gadget technology to improve small and medium-sized businesses. Adorable 2D characters representing fun gadgets called 'Domorelings', which come in the form of smartphones, tablets, laptops and even cloud technology, were designed by the folks at NAGA DDB. MFX was tasked with bringing these characters to life in 3D-animation; to be combined with live-action shots for the commercial.
Directed by Brad Hogarth of Luminous Ink, this 90-seconder tells the story of how the 'Domorelings' help people - an elderly stall-owner, a young bedroom-deejay, a disorganised company and an uninspired fashion designer, expand their business and careers.
One of the main focuses of MFX was getting the gadgets to come alive with expressive individual personalities and characteristics convincingly. To have them act and behave like concerned friends who genuinely want to help, rather than flat one-dimensional cartoon-mascots.