Nippon Paint Thematic TVC

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  • Kancil Awards
    2012: Bronze - Craft [Film/Animation/Motion Graphics]
Client: Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd
Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Lau Kim San, Wayne Ho Chun How

The Blobbies are back in Nippon Paint's thematic ads, this time in larger numbers with a lot more emphasis on diverse characteristic traits and details in their expressions. Using an intricate mix of 2D & 3D animation techniques, two sets of Blobbies were created - some that moved in and out of walls with the job of painting them, while other more playful Blobbies would show up to make mischief and bring about a creative change to the environments, expressing the themes of joy, pride and passion in the home and spreading out to the rest of the neighbourhood.