MFX - 14 Celebrated Years Of Awesome Work

After 14 celebrated years of being a leader in the regional and international animation and visual-effects industry, we're still the best in quality, service and expertise! But we really couldn't have done it without you and would like to say thanks for all your support so far! Now that we've grown more experienced, we've got lots more to offer.

We've been adapting to changes; quietly honing our skills and improving our efficiency to ensure we always deliver top quality and world-class service in design, animation and visual-effects. We've also been exploring new areas like content development and interactive projects, which has proven to be tough but exciting!

Our works have earned us numerous international awards and accolades from around the world through the years, and we treat all jobs ... big or small, with the utmost respect and enthusiasm. We take pride in thoroughly understanding our clients' needs and products; as well as getting their message across effectively and bringing their ideas to life. In other words, we listen and we learn. And, as always, we care deeply about delivering the best product possible to our clients.

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