MTS "Milk"

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  • Asia Image Apollo Awards
    2015: Best 3D Animation
Client: MTS India
Agency: Creativeland
Director: Suresh
MFX Director: Buddy Zulueta

MTS India set out to create a commercial featuring an 'internet-data-hungry' baby and a couple of nurses pampering him with a giant bottle of milk (representing an awesome data-plan). Initially intended to be shot with a real-life baby and visual effects, the client opted for a fully CG-animated spot instead. This came with a string of challenges from a tight schedule to animating the baby, who had to look innocent and cute, but with a cool 'bad-boy' attitude at the same time. The director wanted to push the level of character animation, and so a lot of focus was spent on ensuring the baby's expressions were flexible enough to cover a wide range across different shots. The nurses required a balance of looking professional, yet charming and attractive. The spot was completed on schedule thanks to a specially designed workflow that allowed different stages of the process to run concurrently.