Energizer "Transformation"

Client: Energizer
Agency: TBWA Chiat Day & TBWA Singapore
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Buddy Zulueta

Collaborating for the second time on Energizer, MFX and Luminous Ink director, Brad Hogarth, have brought the hyperactive battery mascot, Mr. E, to life once again. Stemming from Energizer's Positive Energy branding campaign and conceptualized by the joint forces of TBWA and Six Toes, our animated hero is brought to the streets of Kuala Lumpur where, with a blast of special effects, he transforms ordinary things to something more powerful and amazing. These antics prelude the message that Energizer recycles old batteries and transforms them to new batteries. Working closely with Brad and the Luminous Ink team, MFX was able to recreate Mr. E's signature characteristics, as well as enhancing the light trail effect that was a standout feature of their previous Energizer TV spot.