Maxis "Data Pool"

Client: Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd
MFX Director: Sidney Tan

The Task: to create an informational video for an urgent press conference. Objective: to introduce Maxis' newly improved and competitive data-plan. Timeframe: less than a week! Normally, for an urgent job such as this, we would've recommended going with simpler visuals and motion typography as a technique for quick execution. But it so happened that a team of our top CG artists and designers (often busier than bees) had recently completed a project and was ready to pounce on this! The creative team took a couple of days to get the storyboard approved and through ingenuity and a clever use of existing 3D model assets, our CG animation team and editor managed to complete the video within 4 days (a timeframe most would consider ridiculous and one that animators would curse you for). But we embraced the challenge and thanked the animation-gods for helping us deliver a high quality product right on time.