Toyota Hilux "Beyond Dimensions"

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  • Asia Image Apollo Awards
    2017: Winner - Best Visual Effects/ CGI - Short Form
  • Australian Effects & Animation Festival
    2016: Finalist - Commercials VFX
Client: UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd.
Agency: Hakuhodo Malaysia/Japan
Production House: PRS Productions
Director: Jeff Gaunt
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

The brief was to create a realistic cube-shaped planet, featuring different terrain on each side and challenging conditions for the new Toyota Hilux, which travels from rocky mountains and virgin forests to a cityscape and the most dangerous highway at sea.

To create the background environments, we used Vue software to generate landscapes and vegetation combined with digital matte-paintings. Finding the right scale for the planet was the biggest task. If the scale was too large, the different landscape conditions would not be visible. If it was too small, it would not look like a planet. Apart from the scale, we had to start thinking about how the edges joined, the lighting, and the interactions (sand, smoke, rain, etc).

There were some minor technical issues as well. For certain shots, we had to forego logic and take creative license on scale to fit the brief. We'd done several extensive tests on lighting because the weather conditions between the rough terrain and the cityscape had to vary as the car leapt from one dimensional-plane to another.