Djarum "BCA Open 2016"

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  • Asia Image Apollo Awards
    2017: Finalist - Visual Effects/ CGI - Short Form
Client: PT. DJARUM & BCA (Bank Central Asia)
Agency: Dentsu Indonesia
Production House: Absolute Pictures, Indonesia
Director: Adrian Tang
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

The brief was to design a commercial for the Djarum/BCA Indonesia Open 2016, a badminton tournament held annually. We had previously worked on a promo spot for Djarum in 2014 featuring the mythological gods of Indonesia. This time the client wanted to integrate traditional Indonesian batik motifs with famous Indonesian landmarks, including Borobudur, Rumah Toraja, Pura Bali, Honai Papua and Rumah Gadang Padang. We found that the culture from each location had its own unique batik motifs. These were carefully selected for its representation of the landmarks, as well as the meaning and brand of the product.

The timeline was short, so instead of creating elaborate environments that would have taken too long, we came up with a simple design by placing the famous landmarks on minimalistic blocks. These blocks allowed us to create depth and separation for dynamic camera moves. We then wrapped the CG models of the landmarks and the blocks with their own unique motifs.

BCA had their own customised batik motif which was used for their staff uniforms. Featured in the beginning of this commercial, it was used as a basis for the overall design to strengthen the brand image. We kept the colours simple, so as not to draw too much attention from the badminton players.

From start to finish, the entire job was produced in 3 weeks.