Hit FM "Invasion"

Client: AMP Radio Networks
MFX Director: Pitt Ong

The Astro Hitz FM "Invasion" tvc was a follow up to a campaign that started from a poster ad. MFX team utilized the photos of the DJs taken from that earlier shoot and animated them in cut-out technique. Cut out photos of Malaysian famous landmarks served as backgrounds.

The intention was to make a fun experience for its youthful audience. The visual is a humorous whimsy with the JJ and Ean dropping from a flying saucer before they grow into giants.

Taking a cue from the poster image of them shooting a paint gun we had the DJs literally paint the town, not red, but yellow and purple. The city that began as drab and grey becomes color-splashed, alive, and rocking when the DJs spread their infectious spirit around.

Mainstay DJs Natalie, Jin, and Ryan join the paint "shoot-em-up", animated in dynamic slow-mo flying action with startled doves in the background in homage to John Woo. Adobe After Effects and Toon Boom were employed to animate the photo Cut outs. It was Combined with smart use of 3D rendered liquid paint manipulated in After Effects.