Olympus "Kung Fu"

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  • Asia Image Apollo Awards
    2006: Finalist - Best Editing
  • Kancil Awards
    2006: Bronze - Film
Client: Olympus Malaysia
Agency: BBDO / Proximity Malaysia
Director: Simon Phang
MFX Director: Ng Yoon See

For this TVC, we worked on the storyline that used the traditional Chinese scenario of a 'sifu' (master) and disciple. The strength of the new Olympus camera is highlighted in a most memorable way.

The 'sifu' is angry with his disciple for taking his pants to the 'dobi' (laundry) because his new Olympus camera is in it. The disciple explains not to worry as the Olympus camera is fully water-proof; The 'sifu' then remembers that the 'dobi' by the river flings the clothing against the rocks to get it clean and again, he got angry; the disciple explains again that the camera is also fully shock-proof, so there is no need to worry about the camera being damaged.

Brilliant editing skills and simple visual effects and compositing creates a simple yet unimaginably attractive Olympus TVC. Editing is done in Liquid Chrome and Visual Effects is done in Flint.