Keppel Land "Seasons"

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  • New York Festivals
    2005: Finalist - Best Special Effects
  • Malaysian Video Awards
    2004: Bronze - Best Special Effects
Client: Keppel Land Ltd
Agency: Publicis Singapore
Director: Harold Monfils
MFX Director: Ng Yoon See

We were given the task to feature the unique lifestyle of a new property development in Beijing, China for a TVC. We went for a surrealist approach showing the unique landscaping of the property development which creates all year round activities; something for all four of The Seasons. It is rare that we are given a brief that allows us so much creative freedom yet it also had huge challenges from a technical point of view- as the actual development itself was still under construction, so we needed to create nearly every scene in 3D.

Every scene had extensive wind dynamics added as well as particle replacements for blowing leaves, sand and snow. All angles, lenses, moves and timings etc were worked in the greatest of details, most using blue screen elements and extra construction on miniature elements. The development of the buildings and base landscape were modeled from Auto Cad templates to keep them as accurate as possible and the trees were extremely complex, including showing the leaves in extreme close-up. The sheer scale of some of the landscapes also meant that each scene had to be broken into multiple layered elements.

Maya5, Tremor/Shake, 3D elements were amongst what was involved in the process and an incredible amount of compositing and rendering design was required for all shots. Much of the distant landscapes were designed and created in Photoshop before being rendered in 3D to match camera angles. The architect's own visualizations were used for the colour and texture references. All in all, a fantastic outcome.