MTV India "Canon"

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  • New York Festivals
    2007: Finalist - Humour
Client: MTV

This spot is a spoof of an ancient Indian habit - chewing Paan, a mixture of the betel leaf and nut with an assortment of other ingredients to suit individual tastes. This concoction is chewed until it forms a gooey red mess which is then spat out. The habit - although apparently disgusting - also has its coinosseurs. Much like wine or cigars, special paans are housed in jewel-encrusted cases and mixed with exquisite spices.
Recently, local municipal corporations have started many campaigns to stop paan spitting, as paan stains adorn most of India's walls and streets. MTV India's aim with this campaign was simply to take an Indian tradition -- a suitably disgusting one (it is MTV, after all) and given the current global (and Indian) fixation with terror create an elite squad of paan spitters who save India by using one of its oldest and most traditional (and secret) weapons - the common paan! The blood red color is also perfectly suited here.