DiGi "Music Gifting"

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  • New York Festivals
    2009: Finalist - Art & Technique: Special Effects
Client: DiGi Telecommunications Bhd
Agency: Grey Worldwide Malaysia
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Lau Kim San

DiGi "Music Gifting" employs clever use of animation to portray the emotions of a young lady suffering from the loss of her boyfriend. Her sorrow, depicted by tears turning into crashing waves and engulf her "toy bunny", is then turned into joy when she receives a "Music Gift" from her friend. The tumultuous seas are overtaken by a cascade of color and music elements, a celebration. The animation was executed in a traditional 2D style. 3D models of the body parts were built and tracked to the live action. The animation was texture-mapped onto these models and then composited with the live action. Special care was taken to match the lighting and maintain the skin texture so that the animation did not look "stuck on".