Petronas PLI

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  • New York Festivals
    2012: Finalist - Special Effects / CGI
  • Busan International Advertising Festival (Ad Stars)
    2011: Finalist - Film Craft, Animation
  • Australian Effects & Animation Festival
    2011: Finalist - Commercials VFX
Client: Petronas Lubricants International
Agency: M&C Saatchi Malaysia
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

The 63 second television commercial is an entirely animated sequence. It consists of a challenging combination of 3D and motion graphics. Close-up shots of liquid and particle simulations give the piece an almost abstract quality, an unusual choice for promoting a product as functional as lubricant.

Our MFX Design studio produced the initial designs and took care of the motion graphics, whilst the main body of graphics was built in the 3D team using Maya. The separate parts were then combined and polished in the compositing department, where it was transformed into a final product.