AWB "Hero"

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  • Ottawa International Animation Festival
    2011: Promotional Animation - Shortlist
  • Busan International Advertising Festival (Ad Stars)
    2011: Finalist - Public Service (PSA)
  • Busan International Advertising Festival (Ad Stars)
    2011: Finalist - Film Craft, Animation
Client: Advertisers Without Borders
MFX Director: Sidney Tan

AWB, Advertisers without Borders, is based in Argentina and is a collective of international advertising professionals who combine efforts to create pro-social messages or ad campaigns for a good cause. They wanted to produce a TVC which features a superhero tearing off his costume to reveal a normal business suit underneath. The message tag line -You don't have to be a superhero to help.

MFX recently completed the 61 seconds animated spot for AWB bringing their campaign to life as part of their 'One Minute of Responsibility' programme - a collection of ads from over 40 countries focusing on environmental and social issues and appeared on EURONEWS.

The initial brief was for a full 2D animated commercial. After researching superheroes and comics, the team proposed to explore a 2D motion-comics style instead to give it a comic-book feel. It was quite a special production since it was a different working process compared to usual commercial jobs. We were given lots of space and freedom to do what we wanted, from the storyboard, design, animation and effects to edit. It was treated as a big project, looking at every possibility to make it nicer and everyone was thrilled to see the results after months of persistent blood, sweat and spandex.