Madhya Pradesh Tourism Dekha

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  • Australian Effects & Animation Festival
    2010: Finalist - Commercials Visual Effects
Client: Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporati
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai, India
Director: Porus Khareghat
MFX Director: Lau Kim San

The journey of the eyes became the basis for the promotional campaign known as "Dekha". The film was recently completed for Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation, marking a successful collaboration of idea and creativity between the team in Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai and MFX. Keeping the focus on just a pair of eyes, the creative challenge was to have the eyes move to music and lyrics, reacting and mimicking the myriad, varied and rich travel experiences through Madhya Pradesh.

Those featured include the ever elusive tiger, the rare swamp deer Barasingha, the white marble hills at Bedaghat, the prehistoric cave paintings at Bhimbetka, the erotic sculptures in the land of Khajuraho, the melting pot of Buddhism, Hinduism, mosques, minarets, majestic forts, palaces and so forth all make an appearance. The attempt was to keep the eye movements as natural as possible and keep the transition between the real and CG movements seamless.

The eyes remain the strongest visual backbone; it was inevitable that the search for the pair of "eyes" would be most arduous. MFX finally zeroed down to Shree Jeilachmee Appadorai, a Malaysian-based South Indian model whose natural brown eyes together with her ability to express through eye movements made her the perfect choice.

The concept of keeping the film piece minimal and emphasizing much on the eyes was a constant reminder to the team - thus steering the digital solutions within this scope. The team indeed tried to give the eyes greater animated movements; however, there was always a concern of how much and how little, also h