Agency: Promoseven 360°
Director: Henri Bargès
MFX Director: Pitt Ong

We were tasked with developing and producing a new commercial for RakBank, Dubai. We began fleshing out the idea and worked closely with the director, Henri Barg?s, to brainstorm on the concept of the cubes and their behavior in the commercial.

We tested different execution techniques in 3D animation and motion graphics to achieve the glassy, sleek cubes with a realistic high-tech environment. Using the cube as the main visual device to link up the bank's services in different scenarios, the interactive icons served to communicate to viewers on the easy access tools provided by the bank, no matter where they were on the go.

Tracking was one of the biggest challenges in this project, as the shots were constantly moving in dynamic 3D perspectives. Various tracking programs were used together with compositing tools in order to achieve the precision and realism required in the scenes.

It was exciting to see it all come together and very gratifying to have successfully delivered the film within a short amount of time.