Director's Reel: Lau Kim San

Music: FrainBreeze by Pegboard Nerds

After graduating in graphic design, LAU Kim San began his career in 1995 as an apprentice in traditional 2D cel-animation. One of the most experienced 2D animators in the region, Kim San is versatile and progressive, enhancing his work with a broad range of techniques including 2D digital, CGI, motion graphics and visual effects.

His innovative nature saw him try his hand at stop-motion, one of the results being a piece for Cadbury "Scary Movie". He has worked on projects like Digi "Music Gifting" which was a finalist at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards, Madhya Pradesh Tourism "Dekha" which was a finalist in the Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2010 (AEAF), and a Nippon spot that brought MFX recognition at the Kancil Awards.

Being a traditional cell animator is the foundation that has led him to become an award-winning animation director and is the key factor that sets his work apart from his competitors in the field.