Petronas Syntium "Partnership"

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  • Australian Effects & Animation Festival
    2011: Finalist - Commercials Animation
Client: Petronas Lubricants International
Agency: M&C Saatchi Malaysia
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

Earlier this year, Petronas launched a worldwide brand campaign for its well known lubricant product Syntium. The campaign, developed by M&C Saatchi, includes a 30 second television commercial comprising of an entirely animated sequence - a challenging combination of 3D and motion graphics.

This visually striking sequence conveys the campaign's focus on advanced scientific technology through a series of sophisticated CG animations. The aim was to illustrate the concept of advanced scientific technology in a way that would be out of the ordinary.

In the commercial, the oil itself is a key defining feature and used as an element of visual interest as we follow a golden stream into an invisible engine, where it is thrashed around in an entrancing motion.

The glowing particles combine to form an F1 vehicle, lending the machine an organic feel, as the camera flies over a digital landscape made of fluorescent line graphics. Close up shots of liquid and particle simulations give the piece an almost abstract quality, an unusual choice for promoting a product as functional as lubricant.