Proton Lotus Ride "Art in Motion"

Client: Proton Holdings Bhd
Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Lau Kim San

For a 30 second TVC for Proton, we were tasked with producing an artistic and graphic light trails drawn from the cars to reflect the title "Art In Motion", depicted from their Lotus' 'Ride and Handling' technology.

The brief was simple, "Two cars with light trails and a plain background" It sounded reasonable enough, and so the team was cool with the tight timeline at first...
From the simple board, the film director felt that it was too graphic and brought it to another level, giving the entire look a whole new perspective by having the light trails reacting to an environment. From the director's new brief, the challenge was now to create four cars, with light-trails that look like those in Tron -but not Tron, cityscape backgrounds, lighting interactions with totally realistic CG cars.

The VFX team spent sleepless nights and worked extra hard on it to get it completed, with Creative helping on test frames, 3D having to add manpower and Design focusing on 'supers'. They progressed well through each stage of the challenge and it was a miracle for the team to make it on time, beyond expectation, new learning experiences and a happy result all round.