Comfort "Cloth Speak"

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  • London International Advertising Awards
    2006: Finalist - Animation
  • Australian Effects & Animation Festival
    2006: Finalist - Commercial Animation
Client: Hindustan Lever Limited, India
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai, India
MFX Director: Lau Kim San, Tan Lee Chia

Clothing comes alive in this 3D-animated TVC completed for the Indian market. The skirt, trousers and shirt are depressed and upset that their colours are fading more and more with every wash. Meanwhile, the red jumper is proud of its bright, dynamic red colour which is maintained by using Comfort Fabric Conditioner.

A live shoot was done for the bathroom sequence, with all backgrounds, sets and clothing created in 3D. The personalities of the clothing were modeled on well-known and well-loved Bollywood actors. All the clothing was animated, textured and rendered using Autodesk Maya with the Syflex cloth plug-in to provide realistic cloth dynamics whil online was completed in Flint.