MC2 "Robber"

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  • British Design & Art Direction
    2004: Book Status - Television & Cinema Advertising Non-English Language
  • Asia Pacific Advertising Festival
    2004: Gold - Transport, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure
Client: Sledgehammer Communications (Malaysia)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This satirical story takes place by the counter in an old convenience store left from the colonial times. The bored owner in his late 50s peacefully goes through his regular, boring daily routine until suddenly he sees a gun pointed at his face. "Hands up!" Shocked and almost paralysed, he tries to explain to a young robber that he cannot lift his hands up because he can't and it is not allowed.

Frustrated, the young man, who was supposed to ask for money in the first place, shouts again and receives the same answer. It becomes confusing for him and he has no choice but to ask the Question. "Why?" The scared owner finally replies with tears that he cannot show armpits on Malaysian TV.