Ribena "Bridge"

Client: GlaxoSmithKline Malaysia
Agency: Grey Worldwide Sdn Bhd
MFX Director: Buddy Zulueta

We think Ribena berry not only taste good as a juice product but also as an animation experience. Because Ribena is well-known worldwide with consistently fine TVCs, it was initially intimidating for us trying to create a short promo worthy of the iconic characters.

Animation test of the Super Blackcurrant and Mighty Blueberry heroes done much earlier by the supervisor made animation less difficult when production started. The model based on the new version of the Ribena berry has bigger, expressive eyes and bouncier bodies with squash and stretch.

Although we only had 20 seconds with a simple situation to tell within a promo we thought we were quite successful capturing essence of the Ribena world. It is nature fragrant of summer freshness awash in gentle sunlight. It is place of rolling hills and grassy meadow where a sparkling stream flows and inhabited by cute bouncing berries and 2 "berry berry" powerful Superheroes.