About MFX Pictures

MFX Pictures is a division of MFX focusing on developing and expanding intellectual property across multimedia platforms, in association with traditional film and video delivery to reach a truly global audience. Our aim is to produce high quality work in content development, experimentation with digital effects and animation, and explorations in new media are our key concerns. We are open to collaboration with other creative individuals and filmmakers, as well as to produce work for advertisers and content creators.

Our works, including the "Blue Karipap" web series and Advertisers-Without-Borders "Hero" commercial, have been selected as finalists in various animation awards festivals such as the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF 2009, South Korea) and Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF 2011, Canada).

MFX Pictures will also be looking at outsourcing for 2D and 3D series, and special effects for feature film production in the near future.