Indosat 3G "Sketch"

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  • ADOI Advertising Awards
    2007: Finalist - Animation
  • Citra Pariwara Advertising Awards
    2007: Silver - Animation & Special Effects
  • Asia Image Apollo Awards
    2007: Gold - Best Visual Effects
Client: PT. Indosat Tbk.
Agency: DDB Brainstorm, Indonesia
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

3G, a brand new service in the telecommunications media, is now available with Indosat. This spot entails all the features of 3G, including music, games, video calls etc. Starting off with black and white line images, Indosat shows its rapid progress through time and space into colourful 3D images.

Extensive design work was done to prepare for the execution of this spot. Tests were done in 3D to get the right tone to enhance the designs. This spot was received with extremely good response when first aired in Indonesia.