Olympus 1050sw "Splash"

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  • New York Festivals
    2009: Finalist - Art & Technique: Special Effects
Client: Olympus Malaysia
Agency: BBDO / Proximity Malaysia
Director: Brad Hogarth
MFX Director: Chan Moon Choong

Using experience gained from previous water simulation projects MFX proudly adds the new Olympus 1050sw "Splash" TVC to their showreel. Working closely with director Brad Hogarth from Passion Pictures, the "Splash" commercial showcases complex realistic 3D liquid and lighting effects with stunning in-camera water visuals. The film follows the Olympus 1050sw camera on an epic journey as it falls from the sky past structural highways and into a river.

To achieve the required camera speeds for the commercial, Passion Pictures used the Photo Sonics 35mm 4BR advanced camera, which was able to run up to 1250 fps.

The task was to make the unnatural event of the Olympus 1050sw camera's huge splash as it plunged into the river look realistic. Even though the falling Olympus 1050sw camera was added in the computer, Brad wanted the film to be edgy and have soul - not look like a heavy post-production film as this approach was more engaging than a glossy, spiritless execution.