Penguin Books "Liberty"

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  • London International Advertising Awards
    2008: Silver - Poster Indoor
  • Cannes Lions Awards
    2008: Outdoor Lions - Gold Winner
  • Cannes Lions Awards
    2008: Publications & Media
Client: Silverfish Books
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia
MFX Director: Wayne Ho Chun How
Retouched by: James Teoh, Untold Images

This print featured photography by Fulvio Bonavia and the handheld torch of the Statue of Liberty crafted by MFX's 3D artist, Wayne Ho Chun How. "The brief was of a distant age where the torch has weathered. Creating the engineering marvel in 3D had to be precise and blend with the base picture. With texturing, lighting and painting, the CG hand and torch was able to reflect the mood of a decaying structure in desolate sand," says Wayne.