Hitachi i-Clean AC "Robot"

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  • Busan International Advertising Festival (Ad Stars)
    2011: Finalist - Film Craft, Animation
Client: Hitachi Home & Life Solutions India
Agency: Bates141 Mumbai, India
MFX Director: Lau Kim San

This project was aimed at the market in India. The brief was to illustrate the innovative feature for Hitachi's i-Clean Air Conditioner, an innovative, self-cleaning air conditioning unit that has a unique technology which eliminates dust from the filter, resulting in better cooling and preventing unhealthy air. The agency wanted to come up with a new concept that steers away from the norm of air conditioning unit advertising, characterising the product as a personified robot literally cleaning itself - a technological marvel.

Once briefed by the agency, our MFX team looked for inspiration towards a famous Bollywood star. Aspects of Bollywood dance moves were observed and studied in order to create the posture and build of the robot as well as to reflect the intended market and give a lighthearted and humorous feel.

The TVC sees a robot stepping out of the shower and dancing around the apartment whilst it dries itself with a towel. The doorbell rings and suddenly the robot stops and converts itself back into the air conditioning unit on the wall. Originally the robot was going to be seen in the shower, however, due to a short timeline a challenge was faced to creating the water CG simulation. The MFX team over came this by shooting live water droplets and then compositing it onto the robot to give it a wet look.