TM Broadband "Lebuh Raya"

Client: TM (Telekom Malaysia)
Agency: Dentsu Malaysia
MFX Director: Sidney Tan

Within this spot, a man drives around Malaysia's extensive highways and realises that he has conquered the length of planet earth one and a half times!

For the purpose of this ad, the artwork required a very simple, concise and local touch to it. The driving factor behind the Lebuh Raya project was to instill an appeal for broadband among the rural Malaysian community.

However, there was a desire from the agency to execute the commercial in a more contemporary way, so we used After Effects which could provide the necessary dynamic feel and finesse to the commercial.

Towards the later stage of production, both the agency and the team had to brainstorm ideas for an alternate ending; as the original conclusion was rather vague. Finally, both parties came out victors and agreed on the inclusion of a meter which drove the point home.